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      China Light Industry Nanning Design Engineering Co., Ltd

      China Light Industry Nanning Design Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as China Light Industry Nanning company) was founded in 1974, formerly known as Nanning Design Institute of Ministry of light industry and China Light Industry Nanning Design Institute. In December 2002, it was restructured into a science and technology enterprise under the supervision of the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, China Light Industry Corporation. After restructuring in 2017, it became a science and technology enterprise under Poly Group. In 2010, it won the certificate of high tech enterprise.

      The company holds several qualification certificates issued by the state, such as engineering design class A, engineering consulting class A, general contracting class A, engineering construction supervision class A, project cost class A, mechanical and electrical installation engineering general contracting level II, etc. We have established a strict and standardized modern enterprise management system and obtained the quality, environment, occupational health and safety management system certification.

      Over 40 years, the company has been engaged in engineering consultation, engineering design, engineering design in light industry, textile, civil building, sugar making, pulp and paper making, food fermentation, tobacco, forest chemical industry, chemical, petrochemical medicine, commerce, modern logistics, grain and oil processing, electronics, industrial power, municipal environmental protection, automation and other fields Engineering supervision and general contracting have created excellent performance. The company has established a complete engineering consulting, design, supervision, project management and procurement, construction management, training, commissioning, production management and other engineering general contracting business chain, which can provide high-quality engineering construction whole process services for owners.

      The company has complete professional supporting facilities, strong technical force and wide service field. Sugar making, pulp and paper making, food, textile, machinery, equipment, daily chemical industry, pharmaceutical, fermentation, refrigeration in cold storage, building, structure, planning, general plan transportation, water supply and drainage (including sewage treatment), thermal power, electric, automatic control instrument, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, gas supply, environmental protection, landscaping, technical economy, engineering cost, computer application, etc More than 20 majors in engineering management, law, international trade, foreign languages, etc. The company has more than 500 employees and 460 professional and technical personnel. Among them, one national light industry design master, 2 experts enjoying special allowance from the State Council, 46 senior engineers at the professor level, 90 senior engineers and 165 engineers. 215 national registered engineers of all kinds.

      With advanced technology, high-quality service, good reputation and innovative spirit, the company has vigorously developed domestic and international markets and obtained fruitful results. It has completed more than 5450 engineering design and engineering consulting projects, 880 project supervision projects and 70 projects of general contracting. The project covers all parts of the country, Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe and some African countries.

      The company has always adhered to technological innovation, and has achieved many advanced technical achievements in many fields of engineering construction in many industries, and has won more than 430 national and provincial science and technology progress awards, scientific and technological achievements awards and excellent engineering consulting, design and general contracting awards. We have developed and possessed a number of high-level patent for invention, patent for utility model and proprietary technology. It is rated as an excellent survey and design enterprise in China and "excellent enterprise" in China's survey and design industry.

      Adhering to the core value concept of "integrity first and human being fundamental" of Haina Bachuan, taking the enterprise tenet of "being responsible for caring for customers and caring for employees and returning to shareholders to the society", the company promotes the enterprise spirit of "advancing with the times, seeking truth, practical communication and cooperation and pursuing excellence", and provides standardized engineering construction services to domestic and foreign customers through continuous improvement of technology and management, Ensure customer satisfaction.

      Chairman's speech






      chairman: Tang Mingming